30 November 2014

This month on emuse

This month has been all about Nordic inspired crafts!

I started off by telling you a bit about my obsession with Nordic knitwear, and showed a card based on this.

Then came a whole week of Dala horse posts:
I showed you some of my recently thrifted items including a Norwegian dish, I made a picture with my knitwear-inspired carved stamp, I reviewed a sewing book, talked about Moomins (and showed some fun photos of my Moomintroll toy). I talked about Swedish and Norwegian painted designs, and about my trip to Norway.
I showed how to make a fun Tufty ornament, stamps based on the Bergen street Bryggen, some Hama bead Christmas ornaments, some painted wooden hearts inspired by Swedish painting designs, an Ikea based pattern, and a doll's bag. I also showed some random Scandinavian stuff I have, and my display at the end of the month of some of my Nordic crafts and other items. I also showed my delicious lingonberry cocktail!

My non-Nordic posts this month have been about my porch makeover, and how to make a Remembrance Day poppy for a doll.

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