20 November 2014

Scandi-style Christmas ornaments

Here are some quick and easy Christmas tree ornaments, with a touch of Scandinavian style about them.

Although I'd picked up some Hama beads at a car boot sale last year, this was my first time using them!

1. Gather inspiration and your Hama beads!

2. I started by laying out some red beads in a star shape. 

3. I filled in the points of the star with white beads.

5. Iron the beads

6. A finished ornament! I made a number of different designs. I was surprised by how light and flexible the finished product was.

7. I added twine to hang them from. 

I think they look great on my Ikea tree! 

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I just love how these turned out! The red and white color combo is so striking and screams holiday. Thanks for sharing!

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