28 July 2018

Ceard modernist jewellery

The obsession with Ceard jewellery began at an antiques fair where Mum and I both pounced on a brooch at the same instant, that reminded us of one of the town art sculptures in Glenrothes. Mum got the brooch, but we both started collecting at that moment.
Ceard is a Gaelic word, meaning maker or craftsperson, and the company itself was Scottish. The pieces of pewter jewellery are inspired by Scottish places and wildlife, but are in a modernist style.
We don’t know how many designs there are in total, but I’ve catalogued all those we’ve found (either pieces that we have, or photos that we’ve seen online).
I made a little zine for Mum with drawings of the different pieces of jewellery, but I could probably update it now because I’ve found more photos online!

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