07 October 2015

Shrink plastic ginkgo leaf earrings

Taking inspiration from this tutorial, I made my own pair of ginkgo leaf earrings from shrink plastic. I used a black fineliner to draw the lines, and watercolour paint to create the colour.

They go well with my silver ginkgo pendant by nellyvansee 

I love how my hair looks like a pixie cut here! It's fun finding new things to do with my new haircut!
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05 October 2015

#DIYCreativeClub challenge

Last month I took part in the #DIYCreativeClub challenge on Instagram organised by Cassy Fry. There was a prompt for each day of the month, and you could interpret it in any way you chose. Since I was working my way through Sachiko Umoto's book, Let's Draw Happy People, I decided to do some drawings.
I found an unused sketchbook I'd originally bought for one of my art college courses. I discovered that, if I fitted two drawings on each page, the book was almost big enough for all the month's drawings. In advance I drew all the square outlines and wrote underneath each what the day's prompt was.
It was great fun checking in each day and seeing how other people had creatively interpreted the prompts.

04 October 2015

Sunday self-portraits: Park Life

On my arty walk in the park, I also took lots of self-portraits! Taking self-portraits with a cool mural was on my list of photographic challenges I wanted to try, and I also thought it would be fun to take photos with the hippos.

In the past I've hardly ever taken self-portraits outside my own garden (except for phone selfies, of course!), so I was a little nervous of taking them in a public place. I started by taking photos with the pillars, which are at the top of a hill with good views in all directions, so I could keep an eye out for anyone coming.
Then I moved on to the hippos, where I also had a good view of anyone coming, but it was really impossible to avoid people seeing what I was doing! So I just relaxed and had fun, and didn't worry about what passers-by were thinking!
The main problem was that it was really far too bright to be taking photos, so it was difficult to get some good ones, although it was a bit easier in the shaded areas at the mosaic and mural.
It was fun to get my first photo on one of the hippos since childhood! I also have great memories of sitting on them with my friends at lunchtimes when we were at high school. I discovered that it's a lot more difficult to climb up on one than I'd remembered!

02 October 2015

An arty walk in the park

Here in Glenrothes we're lucky enough to have many pieces of town art, and many of these are to be found in Riverside Park. I had beautiful weather during my holidays last month, so one day I headed off to the park to take some photos.

Above is an artwork called Heritage, which consists of lots of white columns. It used to be at the shopping centre, but it was moved to the park a few years ago.

The hippos are some of the most-loved pieces of town art in Glenrothes. As well as those in the park there are more in other areas of Glenrothes. Some of the hippos have been painted, but I prefer them like this, in their natural state. Nearly everyone who grew up here has had a photo taken sitting on top of a hippo, and I was glad to see some families continuing this tradition when I was there.
This mosaic is a fairly new addition to the park, and this was the first time I'd seen it. As well as the famous hippos and mushrooms, there are many other Glenrothes landmarks depicted in it.

30 September 2015

This month on emuse

This month had a bit of a relaxation theme:
Emma's box of calm
Relax stones
Desk photos
Mindfulness colouring book review
Calm book review

I also posted about some of the fun places I've been and things I've done recently:
Fashion illustration workshop
The Great Tapestry of Scotland
Kwang Young Chun exhibition
Bernat Klein exhibition

I had some more Sunday self-portraits:

And there was a bit of drawing:
Flask drawing
Drawing people

29 September 2015

This month I have been mostly...

I had a couple of weeks off work this month, so I did all sorts of fun things, including going to some exhibitions (Escher at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Elements jewellery exhibition), getting my hair cut (I went to the hairdressers for the first time in 20 years!), went to an introductory Rock Choir evening, had a Japanese lesson, went a few places with my parents, went for walks, got my shed roof replaced, and just generally tidied up around the house and garden. I also took part in the #DIYCreativeClub challenge on Instagram.

27 September 2015

Sunday self-portraits: #iwillwearwhatilike

Over the month of August I took part in #iwillwearwhatilike on Instagram. This was organised by Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb, in response to a ridiculous article telling women in their 30s and 40s what they should not be wearing.

I took part in about 2/3 of the items, depending on what I had in my wardrobe. Some days I used photos I had taken on previous occasions. It was great to see lots of women around my own age wearing all the items we are not "supposed" to wear, having fun doing so, and looking fantastic!
Short dresses

Lots of colours

Short skirts

Rainbow hair

 Booty shorts

Long hair

Leopard print, hoop earrings, scrunchies and blue eyeshadow

Pink, mis-matched socks, bedazzled items, crop tops

25 September 2015

Instagram day in the life

On Saturday the 8th August I took part in the #igdayinthelife challenge that Marceline had organised, taking a photo each hour during the day. Here's her post about her day, and here are all the photos everyone took. I had a busy day, so there were plenty of opportunities for taking photos!
8am Porridge in bed!

9am Admiring my Asiatic lily while enjoying a cuppa in the garden

 10am Heading out
11am Great Tapestry of Scotland exhibition

12 noon Arriving in Edinburgh and making my way up the Fleshmarket steps

1pm The old quad and Hanna Darboven exhibition

2pm Curry at the Mosque Kitchen

3pm Kwang Young Chun exhibition

4pm I was at this show about Marie Curie

A photo posted by Emma Reid (@emusing_emma) on
5pm Hit my step count goal for the day

A photo posted by Emma Reid (@emusing_emma) on
6pm Train home

A photo posted by Emma Reid (@emusing_emma) on
7pm Home, and my Birchbox had arrived!

A photo posted by Emma Reid (@emusing_emma) on
8pm Avocado on corn bread

9pm Young Montalbano on TV

A photo posted by Emma Reid (@emusing_emma) on

10pm  Young Montalbano on TV, in bed!