17 June 2019

Fathers Day card

This year we did Fathers Day a week early, because my parents were going to be away. I needed a last-minute idea, and after seeing a card in Asda with a picture of a rocket on it I decided on a space theme. We had been watching The Planets tv programme so it was very appropriate - the only problem being that Dad may have expected his present was the book of the tv show!

I chose my three favourite planets to illustrate (well, apart from Earth!). I really like how the font I used for the lettering fits with the retro space-age look of the card.

16 June 2019

I love... Japanese and Chinese packaging

I was recently looking for some wrapping paper, and instead came across my stash of packaging that I've kept from my trips to Japan and China. I just love the designs of these!

13 June 2019

100 day project days 21-40

Here are the next batch of pictures from the 100 day project I'm taking part in on Instagram! Follow #100daysprojectscotland to see my work and that of the other people taking part.

09 June 2019

Beaded clasps

To prove that everything comes around in fashion, here are some beaded hair clasps that I made over 20 years ago, and they have come into fashion right now! To tell the truth, I'm not sure they were even a fashion at the time I made them, they were just an idea that I wanted to try.
I couldn't believe it a month or two ago when I started seeing beaded clasps everywhere - on TV, in magazines, and on the internet. Celebrities and bloggers were wearing them, they were at awards ceremonies and on quiz shows, they were everywhere! And I had been decades ahead of the fashion with mine! And I have to laugh at some costing as much as £75 when mine cost next to nothing to make!

I think I rigged up some sort of homemade bead loom to make the strips of seed beads, then I stitched them to clasps. If you look closely at them, the designs are slightly different - one has arrows, and the other crosses and diamonds.

06 June 2019

Colonies Yard Sale

Continuing with my secondhand finds, here's some of what I found at this year's Colonies Yard Sale in Edinburgh's Stockbridge Colonies, and some pictures I took on the day.

03 June 2019

Recently thrifted

It's been a successful few months for good secondhand finds! Here's what I found at a recent car boot sale. I got a big light-up letter E (which even had working batteries in it!), various pieces of jewellery, cigarette cards, a Christmas ornament, and a brand-new shirt-dress with lovely embroidery on it!

I really love the three pairs of silver millefiori earrings and I've been wearing them nearly all the time since. Mum and I both got edelweiss brooches.

The cigarette cards are probably going to turn up in lots of Instagram photos!

And one of the brooches I bought goes really well with the one that I bought in an antique shop earlier this year!

31 May 2019

This month on emuse

Spring has sprung on emuse! I reported on the cherry blossom in various places:

And Spring is also the time for the birthdays of my family and friends:
It's also the time of year that the butterflies begin to appear, and I wrote about my love of them.
And, of course, it's when the Christian Aid book sale, one of the highlights of my year, is held in Edinburgh.

On the subject of books, I was very inspired by bold book covers, and this led to me starting a 100 day project!
I also went to a talk about kimonos - so here's an old photo of me in one of my kimonos with some cherry blossom!
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