28 April 2015

Dipped vintage stool

I've had this tiny stool for ages, but haven't had a real home for it until now. It's a school stool with its legs cut off, which was being thrown out at work, and I decided it would come in handy on my craft stall. It's been used for that, and for standing on sometimes to reach things.

After I'd put all the other furniture back in the bedroom, I realised I had a tiny space left behind the door that the stool would fit in perfectly.

To make the stool look a bit less like a stool with the legs cut off, I decided to paint the bottom of each leg with white paint. I masked off all the other parts of the stool, and painted it with gloss paint.
This stool comes in really handy for little displays of items, or, more usually, for putting my handbag on when I get home from work!

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27 April 2015

Miniatures house

I had a little miniatures house in my bedroom before, but this one is twice the size, and the shelves are big enough to display some of my favourite treasures! It was a lucky find right at the back of one of my new favourite charity shops, and only cost £2! I loved the dark wood, which was an element I wanted to bring more of into my bedroom. After a quick clean up, it looked almost as good as new.

I started pinning a few miniatures shelves to my bedroom ideas Pinterest board, and I couldn't decide between the completely painted background of this one, and the painted feature areas of this one, but finally plumped for the easier of the two, and painted a small feature area in grey paint! They were also both quite inspiring in terms of giving me ideas of what to put on my shelf.
The treasures on my shelves include: The Liberator from Blake's 7 (a favourite childhool toy from a favourite childhood TV series), a woolen flower I made when I was young and Mum had saved (she gave it to me a few years ago among some craft materials), a couple of vintage spools of thread, a Kewpie doll I got on my second visit to Kyoto, a lovely old vintage key that was my gran's, the brass tea-caddy spoon I made at high school, a brooch that belonged to my gran, a piece of Lego I've had forever that is precious to me (it's probably my most treasured item!), a tiny bottle of my favourite perfume from my teenage years (Demi Jour), three little china turtles I got on my first visit to Kyoto, a brooch of Stevenson's Rocket I got at a model railway exhibition I visited with a friend's family when I was a teenager, a kokeshi doll, a furry keyring I've had since I was a child, a tiny mosaic box that was my gran's (in fact, this shelf is my version of the glass cabinet of treasures where she kept it!), a molecular model I made at university, a teacup I got in China, my harlequin Russian dolls, a tiny copper church I got in Peru, a cloisonne bottle I got in China, a box from an Edinburgh chocolatier that no longer exists, and many other small ornaments and other items.

26 April 2015

Triangle prints

One of the finishing touches in my bedroom was these prints, using my Charles Rennie Mackintosh triangle stamps. These stamps have been one of the most popular craft projects here on emuse over the past year, and they're also one of my personal favourites! Even though I changed my phone cover design recently, I am sure I will very soon go back to the triangle phone cover design (which I also use as the background and lock screen on my phone), because it makes me so happy every time I look at it!
I experimented with some variations on the colours and design of these prints, but in the end I came back to much the same Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired design I created last year, in shades of yellow, grey and olive.
In each of the two frames I used a slightly different area of the print of variety, and I framed them in deep Ribba frames from Ikea.

25 April 2015

Himmeli terrarium

Here's another Himmeli inspired project that was the final finishing touch to my bedroom!

This was made using exactly the same technique as the Himmeli light fitting I showed you earlier in the week.

I joined six straws together at the top, then used half-straws and finally thirds to form the hexagon at the bottom.
 Just make sure that the shape at the bottom is large enough to squeeze over your plant pot!

24 April 2015

Light switch moustache

A few years ago I got a pack of stickers that were intended for brightening up items around the home with eyes, glasses, moustaches and more. I stuck a moustache on the light switch in my bedroom, and it's been there ever since. When I decorated my bedroom I decided the sticker looked a bit tatty around the edges, but I still liked the idea. So I made my own!

I cut the moustache shape from grey felt, and attached it to the light switch with foam adhesive. so it would have a bit of dimension.

And, yes, I know there's some paint needing scraped off the edges of the light switch, but life's too short, and I don't mind a bit of imperfection, so just call it Wabi Sabi!

23 April 2015

Half and half mirror

I had a small mirror in my bedroom that I needed to tie in with the new style of the room.

I started by painting it white, but realised that I wanted to give it a bit more interest, so I then taped off part of the mirror diagonally, and spray-painted it gold.

Unfortunately the spray paint didn't agree terribly well with the still-tacky gloss paint - it went a bit bubbly in places! But my parents admired the mirror when they came to visit, so it couldn't have been too noticeable!

22 April 2015

Himmeli light fitting

Himmeli sculptures began in Finland as Christmas ornaments, but recently I've been admiring them used in decor as light fittings and terraria. Many of these are mass-produced or made from copper or brass tubes, but I also saw many ornaments that were made from spray-painted straws. I really wanted to try this, and searched to make sure that other people had already done so for a light fitting, so that I would be sure it would not melt!
1. Decide on your design and cut the straws to length. I cut various lengths, starting by cutting the flexible end off, and making shorter lengths from this.
2. Thread some thin wire through each straw, leaving at least an inch at each end. Bend the ends over so the wire does not fall out.
3. Twist the wire together at the corners to form the structure. I started with a triangle of half-straws at the top, then from each corner of the triangle I had two whole straws, then formed triangles at the bottom. Experiment with regular or irregular shapes. Make sure that the top shape will fit on your light fitting.
4. Cut the wire ends shorter, and tuck them inside the straws.

5. Add a blob of hot glue at each corner to strengthen the structure.
6. Spray paint from all directions until it is completely covered.

21 April 2015

Spring displays

When the weather began to get warmer and sunnier, I started to think about making some little spring displays around my home.

I started with a little display on a hexagonal tray in my living room, with a spring/Easter theme. I hung some small egg ornaments on my Ikea tree, put a plant in the middle, and surrounded these with some ornaments. The Wemyss cat has snowdrops painted on it, and was a present from my parents, and the Wemyss bunny has bees on it and was a present from my brother and sister-in-law. The glass chicken, chicken egg cup, and china egg have all been Easter presents from my parents. The tiny Wade Whimsy bunny at the front is one of my collection of "Easter animals", so called because my parents began buying them for me one Easter when the shops had run out of Easter eggs!
 After this, I decided I needed even more spring decor, so I started on my mantelpiece (radiator cover really) in the hall. Here I placed the roses my parents had got me for my birthday, my kodomo-no-hi fish, a beautiful vintage tin that contains my greatest treasures, and some dolls and books in spring colours.