19 October 2018

80s make-up and style books

I still have my favourite makeup book from the 1980s, by Barbara Daly, who was the makeup artist for Princess Diana. It’s a book I keep looking back at, because I really love the looks in it. Although the makeup styles are meant to be for different skin tones and eye and hair colours, I’ve tried most of them in my time! 

I picked up the book about scarf tying a few years ago, but I’m sure it’s one that I used to have many years ago! I keep meaning to wear my scarves more, so I really need to make use of this book! 

The Vogue book More Dash than Cash, is one I’m sure I used to get out of the library, and I can think exactly where it would have been on the shelves there! Looking at it, it was actually published in the 1990s, but many of the outfits are from the 80s. Perhaps this book was one of the things that got me into scouring charity shops for clothes, because Mum reckons I wouldn’t set foot in one until I was a student! One of my first charity shop memories certainly dates from about that era, when me, my brother, and my holiday friend Fiona were hunting for flat caps and waistcoats and I found a cropped white short-sleeved Windsmoor denim-style jacket (but lovely soft cotton) that I so wish I still had!


18 October 2018

80s playlist

To go with this month's theme of the 1980s, I thought I would create an 80s playlist, with some of my favourite songs from that era!

16 October 2018

80s postcards

I’ve got hundreds of postcards from the 1980s, because that’s when I was at the height of my collecting obsession! But these two are the ones that stick out most in terms of the 80s style of design. They remind me of the sorts of designs that were on folders, writing paper, notepads, etc.

14 October 2018

Sunday self-portraits: Me in the 80s

When I started thinking about 80s style, I thought about some of the outfits I used to have in the 80s, and here are some of them! 

I loved the black and white patterned shirt I got for a birthday, and wore it with a pair of pink plastic earrings that I got from my auntie and uncle along with a pink t-shirt and socks, and a pair of black ski pants (took me ages on Google to find what we used to call these legging type trousers with elastic stirrups!). I also had a long string of pink beads, and a thin black belt.

The shirt stuck with me through bowl cuts and poodle perms!
I loved putting Sun-In in my hair, and this photo of me with lightened hair is a favourite. I think I look really stylish sitting my a waterfall in my floaty skirt and baggy denim jacket! 
For another birthday I got a mint and white striped shirt, with matching mint leggings, t-shirt, and skirt, all from M&S. I ruined the skirt when eating cherries that summer, and have only just started eating cherries again after that bad experience!

Crop tops were starting to come in - just the thing to try to impress my holiday crush (didn't work!).

Moving forward into the 1990s, some of the same styles continued, and I think this amazing jumper I wore for my class graduation photo in 1994 was from M&S or one of the other big stores on Princes Street in Edinburgh - I remember first spotting it in the window of one of these shops when I was on a bus! I obviously already had the idea of wearing a bright outfit in group photos so I would stand out!

12 October 2018

80s-style phone case

Last week I showed you the stamped designs I made with an 80s style. I decided to make use of these to make a customised phone case. 
My phone case has a clear back, which means it’s great for this, and I change the design often. 

When I cut the paper I’d already stamped, I realised I needed the pattern to be spaced a bit closer together, so I did another piece of paper with a more densely stamped design. 
Finally I cut out the paper, making sure to cut a space for the camera lens using fine scissors, and fitted it inside the case!

10 October 2018

80s memorabilia

Having had my teenage years in the 1980s, I've got a lot of things hiding in my cupboard that date from that era! And I also came across the old tapes above at work - I just love the colours, and I knew they would make a great photo with the magic cutter that Mum found recently!

Two folders that I used at school - one with a very 80s geometric pattern, and the other covered with a poster of famous movie kisses:

Magazine is from the 90s, but the series started in 1989 and how 80s is Al's shirt!

Some of my old diaries:

And all my favourite music!

08 October 2018

80s-style painted bead necklace

One of the aspects of 80s style I really like is the combination of black and white patterns with bright punchy colours, and that’s what I was aiming for in this necklace. 
I started with three wooden beads that I spray-painted white, and one bead that was already pink. 
Once the spray-painted beads were dry, I painted different designs on them with black paint using a fine paintbrush. The paint had dried up a bit and gone blobby, so they are not as neat as I would have liked! 

Finally I strung all the beads on a piece of cord.

07 October 2018

Sunday self-portraits: My colour walk

I enjoyed last month's In Colourful Company Glasgow colour walk so much that I decided to have my very own colour walk following the same route and exploring some of the places in a bit more depth. I wore a different outfit, and took my tripod along so I could take lots of photos with the murals.
I started with a bit of a detour. I hadn't been to the Riverside Museum before, so I walked from Partick station to there and spent an hour looking round before I started my walk. Then I hopped back across to SWG3 and started from there.

When I reached SWG3, where all the amazing murals are, I had a moment of disappointment because there were some guys there painting new designs, and the area at the back was fenced off. But, after taking a few photos with my phone, I plucked up the courage to ask if it was OK to set up my tripod, and after that I just got into the swing of taking photos and forgot there was anyone else there! And there were plenty of murals to explore even with part of the site being closed off.
After that I headed towards the Hidden Lane, but I had a little stop on the way. I'd noticed a branch of Tantrum Doughnuts along the way when we did the colour walk, so I stopped off there to grab one for my morning snack.
I was really keen to explore the Hidden Lane some more. When we went on the walk there wasn't much chance to look inside the shops/studios. Some people went into Bonnie Bling but I thought it would be too crowded, and I knew I would have other opportunities to visit. I went in there and bought a pin, then got directions to Neil Slorance's studio. He was on holiday but I met his studio-mate who runs Recraft which recycles craft materials. We had a good chat, and she'd just bought a lovely papercraft book from a sale that was also going on in another studio, which I had a look at.
I headed towards the city centre, making a stop along the way to look at the Anderston hippos which I'd spotted on the colour walk. These are hippo sculptures that bear an amazing resemblance to those here in Glenrothes, so I just had to have a look at them!
Back in the city centre, I had a meal at Ichiban, and then headed to the city centre branch of Tantrum Doughnuts for my second doughnut of the day. I did consider taking it home, but I'm afraid I couldn't resist eating it there and then!

04 October 2018

80s-style patterned paper

With all the 80s designs that are in fashion, I got thinking about what motifs were most popular in 80s patterns.
I think what got me started on this was the amazing fabric designs by Dreamland Clothing, especially their Duplex print which consists of triangles on a lilac, pink or yellow background.

I started having a look at 80s patterns, and here are some of the common themes I came across:
Triangles, often with a black line along one side
Other geometric shapes
Squiggles or zigzags
Black and white striped or patterned shapes
Dots or sprinkles

The patterns tend to combine three or more of these elements, often overlapping. The colours used include mint, pink, lilac, yellow, and more.

I gathered all my rubber stamps that fit in with these themes, cut a few more from erasers, and then started stamping!

Next week I'll show you something that I made from some of the stamped paper.

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