31 March 2021

This March I have been mostly...

It's been a big month for me, with my 50th birthday! I started the day with croissants in bed, then spent the morning working from home. After some French toast I went in to school, where I got flowers and presents and my desk was decorated. After work I went to Mum and Dad's (my bubble) for presents and M&S Indian food, and stayed the night there.


McDonald and Dodds, finished Killing Eve finally, Unforgotten, Ben Fogle in Chernobyl. I rented a Korean film Our Midnight from the Glasgow Film Festival.


Dyed my hair, photographed 70s walls, helped my nephew with photographs to inspire a Japanese fan which he was making for remote school, visited my parents on Mothers' Day, and had my first full day in my workplace since January.

I was really excited to finally get the blue envelope with my vaccination appointment, for the 28th March. It arrived the day after my birthday, and it was a perfect post-birthday present!

I watched an incredible number of online talks this month! Some of the most interesting were one by Sara Sheridan about Scottish women, one about the women behind the scenes of the TV series Traces, and one about thrifting clothes. I also watched talks about Scottish witches, kimonos, aunts, medicinal gardens, the architecture of Milton Keynes, and sustainable fashion.

I've spent a lot of time out and about taking advantage of the spring weather. I did my annual crocus walk, this year using the macro lens on my phone, went frog spotting at the local wildlife pond, picked wild garlic, and saw a wren in my garden.

I had some zoom calls with some old friends, which kept me up until 1am two weekends running! I dressed in 80s style for the big get-together with lots of my friends from school.


After having a good tidy out of my kitchen cupboards, I had more space in my kitchen, so treated myself to an air fryer with some of my birthday money and have been having fun trying out some recipes using it.

I ordered lunch from Savage Kitchen, which was chicken curry, cajun wedges, coleslaw, and mint yoghurt sauce, followed by Jaffa cake pancakes!


I took part in an online bookbinding workshop through Glasgow Zine Library, and made a couple of notebooks. I started on my "50 things to do in my 50s" list by making jam, I painted some stones and left them in the park, did some bullet journaling, and I brainstormed some ideas for the 100 day project I'll be starting soon.


I read the wonderful Show Us Who You Are by Elle McNicoll, Kick Back by Val McDermid, and started The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman which I got for my birthday.

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