10 November 2014

Recently thrifted

Here are the amazing things I found at a recent antiques fair!

To fit in with this month's Nordic theme, the first thing I bought was a little dish made in Norway. It's by Turi Design, and is in a design called Carefree. I love the outfit of the woman pictured on it, with her patterned skirt, pointy shoes and crazy hat, and the little bird sitting on her hand.

The two pieces of jewellery on top of the dish are by a Scottish company, Ceard, and Mum and I collect them. The brooch is a design called Moor Fern, and the pendant is Firs (I think it looks like a lot of birds sitting in trees).

I also got a cute kokeshi doll, a Japanese silk fabric square, and a lovely tin with a pattern of yellow flowers.

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