24 November 2014

Kurbits and Rosemaling

This week I’m hoping to show you a few projects based on the traditional Scandinavian designs of kurbits (from Sweden) and rosemaling (from Norway). So first I thought I would show you some items from around my home that illustrate these designs.

The little bowl was one I bought when I visited Norway in 1992. It’s a lot more simply painted than most of the items I saw in Norway, but I couldn’t afford anything bigger or more elaborately painted at the time!
The larger bowl is one that I found in a charity shop a few years back, and it has a lot more detail in its design. I love the teal and orange colours of it.

This heart hangs in my bathroom, and was a cheap find at a charity shop. I don’t think it’s Scandinavian, but it has a similar design.

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