08 November 2014

Dala horse brooches

Today's Dala horse brooches are very similar to yesterday's Dala horse ornaments, but I think they are even easier!

You can download the template for making these brooches and some of this week's other projects here!

1. Cut two horse shapes from felt
2. On one of the shapes, sew a zigzag stitch, starting at the front, going up to where the saddle will be, and then going down to the tummy, as shown by the dotted lines on the template.
3. Attach the saddle with some French knots, as shown by the dots on the template, and place the mane in position.
4. Place the two horse shapes together, and sew around with a straight stitch on the sewing machine. Trim any excess felt from the edges.
5. Sew a brooch pin to the back.

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