07 November 2014

Felt Dala horses

I first made these felt Dala horses last year, for a craft fair, and I've been having fun making more recently! Here's how to do it!

You can download a template for this and some of this week's other projects here!

1. Cut two horse shapes from felt
2. Sew some decorative stitches on one of the horse shapes, as shown by the dotted lines on the template. If your sewing machine doesn't do fancy stitches, you could use a zigzag stitch, or sew it by hand.
3. Cut the mane and saddle shapes from contrasting felt.
4. Sew the mane on with long stitches of contrasting thread, and sew the saddle on with running stitch round the edge. Add some French knots to the saddle as shown by the dots on the template.
5. Tie a knot in a piece of ribbon and sandwich this between the horse shapes then sew it in place where shown by the dot on the template.

6. Continue round the horse shapes, sewing them together with a running stitch in a contrasting thread. Leave a 1 inch gap.
7. Stuff the horse - I find a pair of long tweezers helps for this.
7. Sew the gap shut.

These horses make great Christmas tree ornaments, or you can hang them around your home at any time of year!

Come back tomorrow for another Dala horse project!


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