04 November 2014

Darker Dala horse

I've been lucky enough to find three of these large Ikea Dala horses in the past year - one of them in a charity shop, and the other two of them in Ikea, unpriced, and I had to have go to the bargain corner to have them priced. One of them was, I think, about £4, and this one was only £2!

After staining the windowsill in my craft room, I began to wonder what this Dala horse would look like if I gave it the same treatment. Here's what I did.

1. Gave it 3 or 4 coats of walnut-coloured brush-on wax, trying to follow the grain of the wood as much as possible.

2. Polished it up with some beeswax polish and a soft cloth.
I like the darker colour a lot, and I think it matches well with some mid-century modern ornaments I have!
Come back tomorrow to see what else I did to brighten the Dala horse up a bit!

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