17 November 2014

Ikea pattern

I've managed to amass a good collection of Ikea catalogues over the past ten years! I can't bring myself to throw them out, as, even though many of the items are no longer available, I find the room settings give me lots of inspiration.

I started off this drawing by leafing through the catalogues drawing some of the items that I have in my home. I also drew some of them from the real items, and some from the instruction leaflets that I still have.

I've been wanting for a while to try making a seamless tiling pattern in Photoshop, so this was the perfect opportunity. I moved the elements closer together, then I used this tutorial, which showed how to use the offset filter. Once I'd done this, I moved some of the central elements to fill any blank space. It was quite an easy pattern for my first time doing this - it has a lot of white space which makes things quite simple!
It makes fun patterned paper!

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