16 November 2014


When I was hunting for ideas for my Nordic themed month, I typed “Danish crafts” into Google images, and came across the work of the Danish designer Povl Kjer, who makes lovely, quirky furniture including the Rocking Sheep, and the Tuft stool which my miniature ones are inspired by. The Tuft stool is based on the tufts of vegetation on Danish meadows, and looks like a hairy creature.

To make my miniature version, which I'm calling Tufty, you’ll need:
Kebab skewers
A circle of wood or thick card
Fur fabric
Wooden bead
Wadding or stuffing
1. Tape three kebab skewers together and rub the pointy end on sandpaper to make it slightly flat.
2. Cut the pointy ends of the kebab skewers, to between x and y cm in length (all the same length!).
3. Cut a circle of fur fabric, larger than your wooden or card circle.
4. Glue some stuffing material to the top of the wooden or card circle.
5. Glue the kebab skewer pieces to the bottom, equidistant, and at a slight outward angle. Use hot glue for this - allow the glue to set slightly before applying the skewer pieces, so that they will hold in position at an angle. Once the glue has fully set, add some more to ensure it is secure.

6. Place the fur fabric on top, and work out where the “nose” should be. Sew the bead on at this point on the fabric.
7. Place the fur fabric in position, and glue or sew at the bottom.

If you don’t have fur fabric you could try crocheting a cover instead, or wrapping some fuzzy wool round and round over it.

These make a fun ornament, or can be used as a miniature seat in a dollshouse (not for children, though, as the pointy legs could be pulled off!). I think a whole flock of them in different colours and heights would look really cool!

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