02 November 2014

Scandinavian jumper card

Today I'm revisiting a card I made a couple of years ago, and showing you how I made it.

This card was based on the jumpers worn by the character Sarah Lund in the Danish crime drama The Killing.

Here's the original version of my card:

I simplified the pattern of the traditional Faroese jumper worn by Sarah Lund, and I carved an eraser stamp of it.
As you can see in the original card, I had part of the pattern (the bit with the circle and the two v shapes) repeating twice, which it shouldn't have been. So this time I cut one side off the stamp, so that the pattern would repeat correctly.
I still had the template I made for the original card. I made this by looking at the site, Gudrun & Gudrun, that sells the Sarah Lund jumper, and basing the shape on that.
I cut the shape from textured card in a pale cream colour. I chose a textured card because I thought this would best represent the texture of the knitted wool.

I ran a grey ink pad around the edges of the jumper shape, to give it a bit of dimension.
I chose a colour of ink to stamp the design. I tried to keep the star shape at the centre at the top, then continued the pattern from there, angling the stamp slightly upwards to mimic the curve of the jumper. I did another row of stamping at the bottom of the jumper.

Around the neck, sleeves and bottom of the jumper, I used an embossing tool to indent lines, to give the impression of ribbing in these areas.

I attached the jumper to the card with foam dots, to raise it a little from the front of the card.

Later in the month I'll show you another project I made using the same stamp!

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