01 November 2014

I love... Nordic style

Welcome to the first post of my Nordic November! I've had the idea for this month in mind for quite a while now, but I couldn't resist waiting so I could give it the alliterative title Nordic November! And to tell the truth, I tend to associate the Nordic countries with winter time, with thoughts of cosy knitwear, Christmas decor, and the Nordic Noir tv dramas that I love to curl up in front of on a chilly evening.

I'm probably going to misuse the terms Scandinavian and Nordic to mean much the same thing this month, although I do know the difference! I'll probably use which one is more relevant or natural sounding to me in the context, so I must apologise if I get it wrong on occasion!

Today, to start off with, I thought I would show you my collection of Scandinavian style jumpers!

These jumpers are a touch of nostalgia for me. As you can see in this photo, they were very popular when I was a child! Also, the university that I went to had a large percentage of students from Norway, many of whom would walk around campus in their "Norwegian jumpers" as we called them.

These patterns have had a resurgence in recent years, partly due to the outfit worn by the character Sarah Lund in the Danish TV series The Killing.
Hat knitted by Mum, and H&M cardigan from a car boot sale!

This dress was a charity shop find

Jumper and very cosy cardigan both H&M

Dress from Marks & Spencer

Red jumper from H&M

Snowflake jumper from H&M

Tunic from Dunnes was a Christmas present from Mum and Dad

Tunic from Marks & Spencer was bought one very chilly October in Cheltenham!

Even the dolls are getting in on the act, with these jumpers Mum made!

I hope you've enjoyed a look at my huge collection of jumpers (and I've just recently bought another that isn't pictured!). Although the dark nights and cold weather of autumn and winter are not much fun, I do enjoy the chance to wear all these!

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