31 October 2014

Autumnal display

I wasn't really in the Halloween spirit... until I saw Marceline's free ghost garland printable that is! I thought it was so cute that I decided to make an autumnal display. And it's a great way of reliving some memories from my autumn trip to Japan last year.

From left to right, there are:
Some dried flowers
One of my Petite Blythes in a mushroom outfit I made
A book of Keats poetry (with the poem about mists and mellow fruitfulness bookmarked)
A postcard from last autumn's trip to Kyoto
A miniature bed (because I want to hibernate!)
A devilish Momiji doll (highly appropriate, because momiji means autumn leaves!)
A book with autumn leaves on the back cover
Some leaves from one of my acer trees
A pot of chillies
A couple of kokeshi dolls with autumn leaf patterns on them
A red Japanese style teapot

 And, of course, the garland that inspired me to create the display!

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