31 October 2014

This month on emuse

Wow! It's been a super-crafty October for me! My holiday in Peru two years ago has provided so much inspiration for this Peruvian-themed month.

There have been over 20 Peruvian themed craft tutorials this month - my biggest month of tutorials ever!

At the end of the month I put some of the items I'd made together into a display.

I also reviewed a Peruvian cookbook, and I showed some of my favourite photos from my trip to Peru, including some from Santa Catalina Monastery, a particular favourite of mine.

It's been a really busy month! I can't believe how many crafts I crammed into the month. I'm glad that I've finally found time to make some projects inspired by my holiday two years ago, because I've been wanting to do so ever since I came back! Come back tomorrow, when my Nordic November will be starting, with all sorts of Scandinavian-inspired posts!

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