08 October 2014

Tiny Peruvian pots

These tiny pots were a charity shop find, and I thought it would be fun to give them a Peruvian twist! 

First I had a look at some examples of Peruvian pottery online to get some ideas (be aware that if you do this, a lot of them are very... how can I put this... rude!). I decided to do an Inca calendar design on the first pot.
1. Divide the circumference of the pot in 12, and draw 12 squares.
2. Look at examples of the Peruvian calendar online, and sketch these in the squares.
3. Using a white Sharpie, draw the designs. You might need 2 layers to cover the pencil.
4. Outline the designs with black Sharpie.
5. Add details with bronze Sharpie.

On the second pot I used a similar method, but a simple repeating design.


Amelia Madeleine said...

These are so pretty!!! I love the flowers you choose for them too - and I have lots of little pots just like this too :)

Anam (Delicious and DIY) said...

These are so adorable I just had to Pin them.Gorgeous.

Emma said...

Thank you both!

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