26 October 2014

Pottery-inspired clay pendant

I really wanted to make something inspired by Peruvian pottery, and the Inca calendar, so I came up with this pendant.

1. Roll out a flat disc of polymer clay.

2. Cut a circle from this. I used a plastic lid to do this.

3. Cut a hole in the middle. I used a sugarcraft cutter.

4. Press lines into the clay. I based my lines on another pendant I had, that had an Inca calendar design.

5. Use the circular cutters again, to trim off any distortion.

6. After baking, spread white clay in the grooves.

7. Scrape the clay off the surface as best you can, it doesn't matter if some is left, though.

8. After baking, sand the surface, then finish with matt varnish.

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