19 October 2014

Peruvian worry dolls brooch

Here's a cute little idea for a Peruvian inspired brooch that's quick and easy to make. It was based on some Peruvian worry dolls I saw that were in a little pouch, but these ones are fixed in place.

You'll need some wooden beads, patterned fabric, felt, a brooch pin and some ribbon or trim.

1. Using a fine paintbrush, paint faces on the beads using black and red paint. I put the beads in the ends on paintbrushes to make them easier to hold.

2. Cut some small scraps of felt. Apply glue to these and stick them to the beads.

3. Sew a rectangle of patterned fabric to make a little sleeping bag shape. Put some pieces of felt inside this to pad it slightly.
4. Sew the felt around the back and bottom of each head, and sew them in place at the top of the sleeping bag, finally stitching it closed.
5. Sew or glue some ribbon or trim around.

6. Sew a brooch pin to the back.

It looks even more fun with the two tiny dolls I got in Peru pinned to the front of it!

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