18 October 2014

Peruvian peg doll

When I was making my Peruvian worry dolls brooch, the idea of making a Peruvian peg doll came to mind, so here it is! It's a quick and easy project.

1. Saw the bottom off the peg.

2. Paint features and hair on the head of the peg.

 3. Cut a piece of patterned fabric long enough to wrap around the peg.

4. Glue this in place. I used hot glue. 

5. Cut a circle of red felt slightly larger than the head of the doll. Put hot glue on the head and hold the fabric circle on the glue. I also glued some tiny pompoms on top.

6. Tie a piece of cord around the middle.
7.  Glue the peg onto a little circle of wood.

1 comment:

Rachel Beyer said...

These are adorable! Found your project via craft gawker. Thanks for sharing!

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