17 October 2014

Peru souvenirs

I bought some amazing souvenirs on my trip to Peru two years ago, and today I'd like to show you some of them. The craftspeople of Peru produce some wonderful things, including beautiful silver jewellery and gorgeously patterned textiles. And the prices are very reasonable (especially if you haggle!).

Above you'll see a tiny copper church, which I bought (in Lima I think) to remind myself of all the gorgeous churches I saw in Peru. And three postcards from the Museo Larco - they would have been the first thing I bought in Peru!

Here is all the jewellery I bought in Peru. The pendants and earrings are all silver, and they were all reasonably priced. I wear the cross pendant, the huayruro pendant, and the stud earrings a lot - must get round to wearing the others more! The bracelet and matching keyring are made of fabric, and I love how they match nearly any outfit! I like to clip the keyring to my handbag.

Here's a gorgeously soft alpaca scarf I bought in Arequipa. It was the most expensive purchase of my trip. It's something to wear with a little black dress for a special occasion. I love the little bell/flower shapes that dangle from the ends of it, and the beautiful embroidery.
 Here's a little "Peru corner" on my living room shelves. The book was bought at a second hand book sale, but all the ornaments came from Peru. The seals are made from polymer clay on top of pumice stone, I think, and were a gift after a boat trip round the Ballestas Islands. I got a matching pair, a male and a female, because one of the tour guides gave me hers! (This isn't the first polymer clay seal I've had as a gift, by the way - a boyfriend at uni made me one!)
The owl and cat were from the gift shop at the hotel in Nazca I think, and the carved gourd was from a craft market in Cusco.
This t-shirt you may have already seen, earlier this week, because I based my hammered wire pendant on it! The little bag is made by the weavers of Taquile Island, and I love it because it's the perfect size to carry my keys and walkie-talkie about at work if my outfit doesn't have a belt or waistband to clip them to. And it matches pretty much anything! 

It won't be that long until December, when I can put these nativity scenes I got in Peru on display!

And there were a few more things I brought back too! A little hat for a petite Blythe doll (how I wish I'd bought lots more of these!), a pink fabric bag, and a large piece of material.

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