16 October 2014

Inca cross carved stamp

The Inca cross, or chakana, is a symbol you see everywhere in Peru, and I brought back a beautiful silver and turquoise pendant in this shape, on which I've based this stamp.

This was my first time using the stamp carving blocks I bought in Japan (usually I just use erasers). I really like that it has a coloured layer, so you can tell when you've carved deeply enough.

1. Draw the inca cross design. I did two - one a block colour and one an outline.
2. Transfer the design by holding the paper on the block and rubbing the back of the paper (I used the handle of my scissors to rub it).

3. Carve away the excess. I liked the spiral shape that formed as I carved the circle in the centre, so I left it like that, since the spiral is a symbol found a lot in Peru too.

I quite liked this test print I did before I carved some parts away!
4. Stamp!

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