04 October 2014

Metal foil Inca sun

The sun was a very important symbol to the Incas. Near the hotel I stayed in in Cusco, Peru, there was a large artwork/fountain in the shape of a sun. Here's how I made my own hanging ornament based on its design!

1. Take an empty tube of tomato puree and, using kitchen scissors, carefully cut both ends off, then cut down one side. Open it out, wash it, and press it flat.
2. Choose a photo to work from. I used one I took in Peru. Print it out at the size you'd like the finished sun.
3. Trace over your photo on tracing paper, and tape this to the shiny side of the tomato puree tube foil.
4. Place a piece of foam or cork underneath this, and use a small embossing tool to go over all the lines of the design.
5. Turn the foil over, and using a large embossing tool go into the areas you want to be raised.
6. Cut the design out, making sure to leave space for a hanging loop. Cut out the loop, and hang from a piece of ribbon.
I've made one of these before, in a more standard sun design, without a hanging loop, and attached it to a door using double sided adhesive foam.

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