03 October 2014

Peruvian seed bead earrings

Yesterday I showed you how I made my faux huayruros (red and black seed beads), and today I'm going to show you what I did with them!

I had a picture in my head of the type of earring I wanted, with varying length strings of beads dangling loosely and moving about freely, but it took a bit of experimentation to make them.

1. Thread the beads onto headpins, two pins with 7 beads each, four with 5 beads, and four with 3 beads. Make a loop at the top of each.

2. Cut two short lengths of silver-coloured chain. Attach the pin with 7 beads at the centre of each, with pins of 5 either side, and finally pins with 3 on either side of this.

3.  Attach the two ends of the chain to an earring wire.
They are a perfect match for the pendant I bought in Peru! Now I can't wait to make some more beads so I can make a bracelet to match!


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