10 October 2014

Carved clay pendant

I had the idea for this pendant after seeing carved gourds in so many places in Peru. I bought one in Cusco which is red with a design based on the Inca calendar, and it inspired this design.

1. Roll out white polymer clay and cut an oval shape. Bake this.

2. Spread some liquid clay on the white clay shape. Roll out a very thin even layer of red clay using a pasta machine. Cut out a piece of clay of the same size as the white clay. Press it on to the white clay, ensuring there are no air bubbles. Spread the edges of the red clay to cover the edge of the white clay. Bake.

3. Draw a design on the clay shape. I chose a llama design from my gourd. I'd advise making the design as simple as possible, as I found the clay chipped away too much in the fiddly areas of my design like the llama's face.

4. Using a wood carving tool, gouge out the red clay to reveal the white clay.

5. Drill a hole for hanging the pendant.

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