14 October 2014

Miniature pan pipes

Here's another cute Peruvian-inspired idea - miniature pan pipes! These work great as a brooch, as a doll's accessory, or just as a tiny ornament for around your home. They're really quick to make, too!

1. Make a sketch of your pan pipes, and use this to mark lengths on a wooden skewer.
2. Cut the wooden skewer where marked. I did this by running a craft knife around at the mark, then snapping it off. Smooth off the ends with sandpaper.

3. Lay the pieces out and apply a line of hot glue to hold them together. Leave to harden.
4. Glue a length of ribbon around, and a length of cord as a hanging loop.
5. Wrap some thread in and out between the skewer lengths above the ribbon, and glue the ends in place.

6. Glue on a brooch back.
You could even try making them with cocktail sticks for an even smaller scale!

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