22 November 2014

Doll's bag

This bag has a touch of Nordic simplicity in its design, but it's actually based on a full-sized one in the book Zakka sewing by Therese Laskey and Chika Mori.

1. Cut a piece of felt, about 10cm x 5cm
2. Cut a cross shape from white felt and sew this in the middle of one half of the felt.

3. Fold the felt in half (with the cross to the inside) and sew up the sides. Turn the right way out.

4. Cut two lengths of leather thong.
5. Pierce the leather with a sharp object.

6. Attach the leather straps to the bag with small paper fasteners.

You can make another style of bag by sewing felt flowers and a bead on the front of the bag, and gluing the straps to the inside.

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