30 April 2015

This month on emuse

This month it's been mainly about the big project for this spring, the makeover of my bedroom, and all the items I made to go in it!
Bedroom makeover
Gallery wall
Triangle door art
Patchwork triangle cushion
Geometric clay finials
Make-up case
Himmeli light fitting
Half-and-half mirror
Light switch moustache
Himmeli terrarium
Triangle prints
Miniatures house
Dipped vintage stool
(and at the end of last month there were my map chest and antiqued letter E)

There were some fun posts from a lovely sunny day I was on holiday from work:
Sun prints
Crocus walk

Some other crafts:
30th card
Framed prints
Indigo phone case
Magazine map
Spring display
And I told you some of my travel memories from Ueno Park in Tokyo.

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