01 May 2015

Recently thrifted

Here's my latest greatest charity shop find! This amazing cane chair was hiding in the big back warehouse of one of the local charity furniture shops, and the moment I saw it I headed straight for it! I'd long admired Elsie Larson's similar chair, but it wasn't something I supposed I would ever find, so I didn't make any effort to look for one.

I sat down in the chair, and discovered how comfortable the high back is. I noticed the amazingly cheap £10 price tag. I examined it from all angles and saw it was in good condition. I walked as far as the end of the aisle to consider it. I didn't really need it, I had a perfectly good wicker chair already, but I couldn't resist it!

Now I just need to decide whether to leave it plain or paint it (I think I'll wait and see how Elsie Larson's painted one turns out!).

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