07 April 2015

Fun in the sun - Part 2

After the eclipse it was a beautiful day, and I had the whole day off work, so I was thinking I might go for a walk and do some of my photography challenges. When I looked at the list, I saw that one of them was to make sun prints, and it was the perfect day for doing so!
I'd had the paper for making sun prints for a good few years, and hadn't got round to using it, so I wasn't sure if it would even still work!

I selected some flattish items to place on the paper, and got out a large pinboard to arrange things on. I also got a dish of water ready.

It's really easy to use the paper. All you need to do is the following:
1. Take a sheet out of its protective wrapper.
2. Place it with the blue side upwards, and place items on it. 
3. Take it out into the sun for a couple of minutes. 
4. Place the paper in a dish of water for one minute.
5. Leave to dry on a flat surface.
6. Place in a heavy book overnight to flatten the paper.
The image will be quite clear as soon as you put the paper in the water, but as it dries the blue colour becomes more intense. It reminds me of Japanese indigo coloured textiles.
Some of the more 3-D items I used, like the brooches and keys, gave an almost X-ray appearance to the image. But the most successful images were those of very flat items, like the lace and pressed leaves. I placed some of the leaves on for shorter periods, and this gives them varying colours on the final picture.

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