27 April 2015

Miniatures house

I had a little miniatures house in my bedroom before, but this one is twice the size, and the shelves are big enough to display some of my favourite treasures! It was a lucky find right at the back of one of my new favourite charity shops, and only cost £2! I loved the dark wood, which was an element I wanted to bring more of into my bedroom. After a quick clean up, it looked almost as good as new.

I started pinning a few miniatures shelves to my bedroom ideas Pinterest board, and I couldn't decide between the completely painted background of this one, and the painted feature areas of this one, but finally plumped for the easier of the two, and painted a small feature area in grey paint! They were also both quite inspiring in terms of giving me ideas of what to put on my shelf.
The treasures on my shelves include: The Liberator from Blake's 7 (a favourite childhool toy from a favourite childhood TV series), a woolen flower I made when I was young and Mum had saved (she gave it to me a few years ago among some craft materials), a couple of vintage spools of thread, a Kewpie doll I got on my second visit to Kyoto, a lovely old vintage key that was my gran's, the brass tea-caddy spoon I made at high school, a brooch that belonged to my gran, a piece of Lego I've had forever that is precious to me (it's probably my most treasured item!), a tiny bottle of my favourite perfume from my teenage years (Demi Jour), three little china turtles I got on my first visit to Kyoto, a brooch of Stevenson's Rocket I got at a model railway exhibition I visited with a friend's family when I was a teenager, a kokeshi doll, a furry keyring I've had since I was a child, a tiny mosaic box that was my gran's (in fact, this shelf is my version of the glass cabinet of treasures where she kept it!), a molecular model I made at university, a teacup I got in China, my harlequin Russian dolls, a tiny copper church I got in Peru, a cloisonne bottle I got in China, a box from an Edinburgh chocolatier that no longer exists, and many other small ornaments and other items.

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