28 April 2015

Dipped vintage stool

I've had this tiny stool for ages, but haven't had a real home for it until now. It's a school stool with its legs cut off, which was being thrown out at work, and I decided it would come in handy on my craft stall. It's been used for that, and for standing on sometimes to reach things.

After I'd put all the other furniture back in the bedroom, I realised I had a tiny space left behind the door that the stool would fit in perfectly.

To make the stool look a bit less like a stool with the legs cut off, I decided to paint the bottom of each leg with white paint. I masked off all the other parts of the stool, and painted it with gloss paint.
This stool comes in really handy for little displays of items, or, more usually, for putting my handbag on when I get home from work!

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