11 April 2015

Triangle wall (or door) art

I noticed that a lot of the images I was pinning to my bedroom ideas Pinterest board had bold graphic wall art, whether it be chevrons, diamonds or triangles. I'd also admired Elsie's half-painted door. Just when I thought I was done painting in my bedroom, I suddenly decided that a triangle on the cupboard door would be the perfect finishing touch!

1. Fold a piece of paper in half and draw a diagonal line on it. Cut along the line and unfold.
2. Tape the paper to the wall or door, and use it as a template to place masking tape for the sides of the triangle. This was difficult for me because I had a hook on the door that I wanted to keep.
3. Place more masking tape at the bottom of the triangle.
4. Fill in with paint.
This is a quick, easy and cheap way of adding interest to a room, and you only need a tester pot of paint!

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