21 April 2015

Spring displays

When the weather began to get warmer and sunnier, I started to think about making some little spring displays around my home.

I started with a little display on a hexagonal tray in my living room, with a spring/Easter theme. I hung some small egg ornaments on my Ikea tree, put a plant in the middle, and surrounded these with some ornaments. The Wemyss cat has snowdrops painted on it, and was a present from my parents, and the Wemyss bunny has bees on it and was a present from my brother and sister-in-law. The glass chicken, chicken egg cup, and china egg have all been Easter presents from my parents. The tiny Wade Whimsy bunny at the front is one of my collection of "Easter animals", so called because my parents began buying them for me one Easter when the shops had run out of Easter eggs!
 After this, I decided I needed even more spring decor, so I started on my mantelpiece (radiator cover really) in the hall. Here I placed the roses my parents had got me for my birthday, my kodomo-no-hi fish, a beautiful vintage tin that contains my greatest treasures, and some dolls and books in spring colours.

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