16 April 2015

Painted make-up case

As part of my bedroom makeover, I decided my makeup case needed a little bit of a spruce up. It started life as a plain bright green case, but I'd already given it a new look by painting it a more muted green and adding patterned paper to the top.
It was time for a change, so I started off by painting it a soft grey, then decided to add white triangles, and finally a gold triangle!

Here's how to do a similar one:

1. Mask around the catch and handle, and paint the case all over. I just used emulsion paint.
2. Mask off some triangular areas using masking tape and paper, and cover the rest of the case with a plastic bag.

3. Spray with white spray paint and allow to dry.

4. Mark off another, overlapping triangle.

5. Spray with gold spray paint and allow to dry.

6. Add a matching ribbon to the handle.

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