19 April 2015

Magazine map of the world

Here’s a quick, cheap and easy project that looks really stylish on the wall!

1. Find a suitable map (Google images is a good place to look). There are different projections, so find one you like the shape of. It’s handy if it’s a simple line drawing or black and white image (the search terms I used were: map of the world simple).

2. Use image editing software to flip the image horizontally.

3. Print out at the size you require (I did A4). You may need to use image editing software to adjust the size, or your printer software may offer this option.

4. Choose a page of a magazine that you’d like to use. Look at different pages and try to visualise how they will look when cut into the map shape. It’s probably best if it’s either only one large image or only small text.

5. Glue the printed map to the back of the magazine paper. Use something like a glue stick, so that the magazine paper will not become wrinkled.

6. Start cutting out the shapes, starting with the largest. You may wish to simplify the shapes by smoothing out any small bumps as you cut. Small curved scissors are handy for any fiddly bits.

7. As you cut out each shape, glue it to a sheet of white paper in the correct place. You don’t need to cut out every small island!

You can use this technique for other silhouette images too.

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