31 October 2018

This month on emuse

It's all been about the 80s this month, with lots of creative projects, fashion, and nostalgia!
80s nails
80s-style patterned paper
80s-style painted bead necklace
80s memorabilia
80s-style phone case
Me in the 80s
80s postcards
80s playlist
80s makeup and style books
80s fashion revival
Mixtape necklace

There have been some other creative projects:
Little boat
Lego card
Food drawings
St Ninian's Charity Shop logo design

And I went on a walk in Glasgow retracing the route of the In Colourful Company walk:
My colour walk

1 comment:

jujupage1 said...

Absolutely adore the 80s vibes! By the way, you can follow me on my blog by just clicking the follow button on the sidebar. Some people are struggling to find it! Love your posts. ♡

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