07 October 2018

Sunday self-portraits: My colour walk

I enjoyed last month's In Colourful Company Glasgow colour walk so much that I decided to have my very own colour walk following the same route and exploring some of the places in a bit more depth. I wore a different outfit, and took my tripod along so I could take lots of photos with the murals.
I started with a bit of a detour. I hadn't been to the Riverside Museum before, so I walked from Partick station to there and spent an hour looking round before I started my walk. Then I hopped back across to SWG3 and started from there.

When I reached SWG3, where all the amazing murals are, I had a moment of disappointment because there were some guys there painting new designs, and the area at the back was fenced off. But, after taking a few photos with my phone, I plucked up the courage to ask if it was OK to set up my tripod, and after that I just got into the swing of taking photos and forgot there was anyone else there! And there were plenty of murals to explore even with part of the site being closed off.
After that I headed towards the Hidden Lane, but I had a little stop on the way. I'd noticed a branch of Tantrum Doughnuts along the way when we did the colour walk, so I stopped off there to grab one for my morning snack.
I was really keen to explore the Hidden Lane some more. When we went on the walk there wasn't much chance to look inside the shops/studios. Some people went into Bonnie Bling but I thought it would be too crowded, and I knew I would have other opportunities to visit. I went in there and bought a pin, then got directions to Neil Slorance's studio. He was on holiday but I met his studio-mate who runs Recraft which recycles craft materials. We had a good chat, and she'd just bought a lovely papercraft book from a sale that was also going on in another studio, which I had a look at.
I headed towards the city centre, making a stop along the way to look at the Anderston hippos which I'd spotted on the colour walk. These are hippo sculptures that bear an amazing resemblance to those here in Glenrothes, so I just had to have a look at them!
Back in the city centre, I had a meal at Ichiban, and then headed to the city centre branch of Tantrum Doughnuts for my second doughnut of the day. I did consider taking it home, but I'm afraid I couldn't resist eating it there and then!

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