01 October 2018

80s nails

The 80s are very much back in fashion these days - the music, fashion, colour schemes, and patterns, are all very much in evidence, and I'm loving it! So I'm doing a month of posts themed around the 80s here on emuse.
These nails were inspired by the colour schemes and patterns of the 80s. I started out with a lilac base coat. On top of this I initially started creating triangles, but found this too complicated (and I had a bit of a disaster with nail polish ending up on the rug and nail polish remover creating a ring on the coffee table - but at least now I know how I can remove the old varnish from that table!). Instead I went for a simpler sprinkle design, just dipping a brush in each colour and laying it on the nail to create the sprinkles.

The thing I love about these nails is that they match everything! Clothes, street art, jewellery, and, most of all, doughnuts from Tantrum Doughnuts in Glasgow!

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