31 August 2014

This month on emuse

The month started off with a couple of projects using nail polish:
Marbled stickers
Flower comb

and continued with a whole lot of other craft projects:
Carnival earrings
Lace bowls
Rustic hanging heart
Yellow dyed cushions
Pink geisha
Tiny macrame plantholder
Stamp carving ideas
Mum's makeover of my vintage dress

There was a weekend of origami paper inspired projects:
Make your own origami paper
Origami paper inspired watch

A week of food and drink:
Cheese making
Strawberry lassi
Mini trifles
My recipe book
Marzipan cherries

And a week about jewellery storage and display:
Thrifted and vintage jewellery storage
Brooch cushion
Hanging storage
Brooch frame
Mini house

Wow! It's been a busy month!

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