27 August 2014

Hanging storage for jewellery

Today I'm going to show you some ideas for storing and displaying necklaces or bracelets, using inexpensive or thrifted items.
This tree was a cheap find at Ikea, and, although I use it mainly for display in my living room (it started off being used as a Christmas tree, and then I found other seasonal items to display on it through the year), it's also useful as a jewellery tree - in fact now I wish I'd got a white one as well!

Here's another Ikea item which was made as a Christmas ornament hanger, but is useful for hanging jewellery from. I found this in a charity shop, and am planning to give it a coat of spray paint. It's actually really large, so I will maybe use it for craft fairs rather than everyday jewellery storage, but here I'm showing what it looks like with some of my handmade jewellery.

A mug tree is something that you can pick up at pretty much any car boot sale or charity shop, and it's a great way of showing off your necklaces or bracelets. I like the simple design of this one.

I've picked up quite a few knob racks at car boot sales. These are my main way of displaying my necklaces, and I also use them for hanging up outfits for the next day. I've got about six of them around my bedroom! Hooks can also be used in a similar way to knob racks.
And finally, I just came up with this idea which I think is my favourite! I used a large Dala horse, which I got cheaply at Ikea because it was a discontinued item, and draped necklaces around it! If you don't have a Dala horse, you could use any large ornament or small sculpture in the same way, for example it would work with something like my pink geisha.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some ways of storing jewellery that are decorative as well as practical.

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