26 August 2014

Brooch cushion

This is jewellery storage and display week here on emuse, and today I'm showing you how to create a brooch cushion. It's a great way of showing off your brooches, pins, or badges.

1. Measure two squares of material, I made mine about 6 inches in size.
2. Place the right sides together and sew around three and a half sides.
3. Turn the right way out, and stuff with filling.
4. Fold the fabric in neatly at the opening, and sew closed, making sure to use a thread that matches the fabric.
You can make these in any size or colour you like, and it's fun to have the two sides different fabrics so you can turn it over for a different look. I like to keep one of mine in my bedroom with a mixture of brooches with sentimental meaning to me and some recent finds, and I'm planning to have the one I've just made near the door so I can quickly grab a brooch as I'm going out if I feel I need one!

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