25 August 2014

Thrifted and vintage jewellery storage

Hello and welcome to a week of posts about how to store and display your jewellery in interesting and beautiful ways! Today I'm starting off by showing how I use some of my thrifted and vintage items for jewellery storage.

Vintage and thrifted items are a really pretty and inexpensive way of storing your jewellery. You can use all sorts of items, including vintage jewellery boxes, vintage tins, cups and saucers, small dishes, glasses, and much more. Here are some of the things I use:
Thrifted and vintage cups and small dishes are a pretty way to store all kinds of jewellery

This little donkey dish, designed by Walter Bosse, 
was a recent lucky find at one of my local charity shops

This vintage jewellery box was also found in a charity shop.
I keep a lot of old sentimental items in it.

A cranberry glass cup from an antiques fair is a lovely way of storing some rings and brooches

This vintage tin belonged to one of my grans.
I use it for costume jewellery I don't wear at the moment but don't want to throw out.

Keep coming back for the rest of the week to see some tutorials for making items to store and display your jewellery!

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