29 August 2014

Mini house

Continuing my week about jewellery storage and display, here's how to decorate a mini house with patterned papers. I often find these little houses for sale in £1 shops and charity shops, and if you can't find one you may be able to find a thimble house instead, which would also work for small pieces of jewellery like earrings and rings.
1. First decide whether to paint your house. I painted one white and left one plain.

2. Take a piece of patterned paper and lay it over one of the openings. Run your finger round it to mark the edge, and trim it to fit. Test if it fits, and trim a bit more if necessary. Do this for each opening, with different patterned papers in colours and patterns that work well together.
3. Use mod podge to stick the papers in the openings, and give them a coat of mod podge on top.

4. Finished! Now add your jewellery or some tiny ornaments.

I use one of these for keeping tiny ornaments in

This is a little square box I found, that works well for flat storage

I just painted this dark wood thimble holder with duck-egg blue paint, and added a button

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