19 August 2014

Pink painted geisha

Here's a really quick and easy way to give a new bright look to a tired garden ornament. All it takes is a little spray paint! It would work for any type of ornament, not just a geisha!

I felt that this small geisha ornament didn't really show up very well in the garden in its original colour. So I picked a vivid bright pink spray paint!

1. First, give the ornament a quick scrub with a wire brush (I could probably have done a better job of this, she's still a bit cobwebby in places!)
2. Give it a coat of spray paint and allow to dry.
3. Give it another coat if necessary.
4. Display in your garden!

I haven't decided where the geisha will now live in the garden, but I'm having fun experimenting with various different locations. She now shows up well against the foliage!

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