23 May 2019

Christian aid book sale 2019

I went to the Christian Aid Book Sale in Edinburgh on the Saturday and the Monday this year, and, as usual, came home with as much as I could carry! Saturday haul in the picture above, and Monday's below.

Springs of Islamic Wisdom
Springs of Indian Wisdom
Wild Flowers of the Spring
From Aalto to Zaha Hadid postcard book
Laura - The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder by Donald Zochert
Wholefood for the Whole Family
Making and Decorating Cakes (Ladybird)
Edible Fungi (King Penguin)
The Casual Observer by Elizabeth Whitson
Paper World
The Summer Book by Tove Jansson
A Winter Book by Tove Jansson
Architecture 2000
The Shape of Towns
The Shapes We Need
The Development of Shape
Anno's Alphabet
80 Things to Make in Cardboard
My Learn to Play Chess
Garden Flowers (Observer)
Geology (Observer)
Wild Animals (Observer)
Ballooning (King Penguin)
Penguins Progress
How to Study an Old Church by A Needham
Kirkcaldy Potteries by Carol McNeill
Doll Dressing Book
This is Your City
Happy Days in the East Neuk & St Andrews

And various postcards, bookmarks and other pieces of ephemera!

I'm not going to bother putting prices against them all this year. Most books were about £2, the cheapest item was the Charles & Di tin at 20p, and probably the most expensive was the East Neuk and St Andrews book at £7.

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