20 May 2019

100 day project days 1-20

I started a 100 day project at the start of this month. I hadn't really planned to do one this year, after not finishing last year's, but an idea came to me when I was looking at my love of bold book covers
I looked at what the covers had in common, other than their bright bold designs, and realised that the faces were covered or obscured in some way. This got me thinking about all the ways that we can cover our faces or try to stay anonymous. I started jotting down ideas.
I realised from the start that I'd need to work from a template to make the designs quick and easy enough to make each day. I was going to make them all from paper to begin with, and cut out 100 10x10cm backgrounds and silhouettes. But after a few days I decided to try some on the iPad too, and transferred my template to there.

I've been finding the iPad illustrations really fun and easy to do in the evenings, so most of them are being done that way now, and I've actually got quite a bit ahead by doing two or three at a time!

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