01 June 2016

Christian Aid book sale 2016

It was a lovely day for the start of this year's Christian Aid book sale in Edinburgh, although it was still a bit chilly when standing in the queue for almost an hour! I think I got one of my largest book hauls ever, and I struggled to carry them to the bus!

A Hedgerow Cookbook by Glennie Kindred £1
The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl 50p
The Three Little Pigs by Willam Stobbs 50p
Family Sketchbook 100 years ago by E Ellen Buxton £2
Dear Francesca by Mary Contini £1
36 Views of Mount Fuji by Cathy N Davidson £1
The Five-Minute Scarf Arranger by Pia Tryde Sandeman £2
Food for Free by Richard Mabey £1.50
Hundreds of Things a Girl Can Make £2
A Floral ABC by Elizabeth Cameron £2
Rose Isabella Stark's Alphabet £2
Tom Bombadil by J R R Tolkein £1
A book in Japanese with pretty illustrations £1
Japanese Language and People 50p
Japan a pictorial portrait £2
The Illuminated Alphabet by Timothy Noad & Patricia Seligman £6
Alphabets for Signwriters, Artists and Illuminators £1
Siena by Ugo Tolomei 50p
A Cook on the Wild Side by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall £2
Scandilicious Baking by Signe Johansen £4
Noggin and the Flowers by Oliver Postgate & Peter Firmin 30p
Stanley the tale of the Lizard by Peter Meteyard & Peter Firmin 32
Traditional Japanese Design Motifs by Joseph D'Addetta £2
Fish dish 20p
Art Nouveau style pot 50p
One of my aims at the sale was to look for a book on foraging, and I was lucky enough to find three!

There was also a bit of an alphabet theme in some of my books.

 Some books about/from Japan.

Some cookbooks - I was looking for something Italian, and this is by Mary Contini of Valvona and Crolla. It's a memoir with recipes. I also read a book about Denmark recently which raved about their pastries, so I'm looking forward to trying some Scandilicious baking!

Since I'm obsessed with the Clangers at the moment, I couldn't resist these books with illustrations by Peter Firmin!

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