17 May 2015

Christian Aid book sale 2015

I had a great day at the Christian Aid book sale again this year!

It was really cold when I arrived, and as I was waiting with the other regulars I wished that I had gloves, a scarf, and long socks! But once the sale started I warmed up a lot, and eventually I noticed that the sun had come out.
One of my big finds of the year was one of the Chalet School books I still needed, The Chalet School Does It Again, which means I only have two left to find! It was found by one of my friends from the queue, who came rushing over to me with it because she knew it was on my list! Even though this was more expensive than my usual buys, I ended up staying within the £40 budget I'd set myself. As usual, my ability to carry the books home was also a limiting factor!
I found a good few illustrated children's books, a couple of guidebooks that will come in handy for places I'll be going, and a few Japan related books including one with photos of traditional houses in Kyoto, and one all about kimono - it's really in-depth with loads of diagrams, and I don't know why I haven't bought it before as I have some of the author's other books. I also got a home decor book from 1975, which is full of amazing interiors that were the height of modernity then and are now hugely retro but still very stylish.
Something else with a touch of retro is the wooden cutlery tray I bought from the 20p box! I'm planning to upcycle it a bit as it is somewhat grubby and the paper at the bottom doesn't fit very well. But the paper is so amazingly retro that I don't want to remove it altogether. The tray has a homemade look to it - perhaps some pupil made it at school many decades ago? I'm thinking of using it to store craft supplies.

Another Night Before Christmas by Carol Ann Duffy illustrated by Rob Ryan £1
Invitation to Machiya in Kyoto £2
Barbapapa Les Animaux £1
Barbapapa Le Cheval £1
The Chalet School Does It Again by Elinor M Brent-Dyer £20
Kimono by Liza Dalby £2
Cheltenham Spa Official Guide £1
Florence & Tuscany £2
Winnie the Pooh in Japanese (book 9) £1
Winnie the Pooh in Japanese (book 12) £1
Morning is a Little Child by Joan Walsh Anglund 50p
The Tales of a Furry Friend by Viorica Tomescu 50p
Dean's Gold Medal Book of Fairy Tales No 2 £1
Dean's Gift Book of Pussy and Puppy Nursery Rhymes 50p
Design for Modern Living by Gerd Hatje & Peter Kaspar £3
Ladybird We Can Cook 40p
Cutlery tray 20p
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