01 June 2018

Christian Aid book sale 2018

It was a bumper year at the book sale! I'd decided to take a week's holiday from work, so I headed off on a sunny Saturday feeling very relaxed knowing that I could return to the sale during the week if I wanted (which I did, but I think I'll have to write another post on what I bought then, as there's quite enough here!).

Zoo Animals £1
Mosses and Liverworts 50p
Geology 50p
A Guide to Dunfemline Abbey £1
The Crack-a-Joke Book £1
4 x Ladybird books £1 each
5 x Novels £1.50 each
Little Grey-Coat £2
Lonely Planet Kyoto £2
Bedtime Fun for Boys & Girls £1
Beachcombing and Beachcraft £1
The Little Book of Chocolat £1
Herbs and Spices £1
The Friendly Japanese Cookbook 50p
Japanese Crafts, Materials and their Applications £9
The Essentials of Ikebana 50p
The Sea Shore £1
The Brownie Guide Handbook 20p
Topsy and Tim's Friday Book £1
Upside Downers £1
This is Edinburgh 80p
The Arts of Tuscany £8
Super Spirograph £1

This map with its retro cover was a lucky little extra find inside the Kyoto book, and I loved these leaflets on display at the ephemera stall which also had great retro designs!

I found some novels that were on my wishlist, so I got those. Goodness knows when I'll manage to work my way through my to-be-read pile, though!

I've wanted the book This is Edinburgh by M Sasek for years, so it was a great find. The illustrations were even more amazing than I'd expected, and it really shows the Edinburgh I know and love rather than a clicheed version of it. Now I want to collect all his books!

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